Sunday, December 12, 2010

Once in the rain....

Today is a rainy day.. no its not raining here.. but still its raining somewhere, it was raining last year, if we can follow the birthday, independence day, why not rainy day?

once in a morning, when there were no sign..
of people in the road, i saw a little flower..
nodding its head, and smiling gently to me..
suddenly the rainbow came, lightning the..
whole sky, holding the hand of that little flower..
calling me to go with them, feeling the rain..
which is coming from heaven to the earth..
i saw the clock, its near seven, my office..
will start soon, should i go to office, or join..
them, to the moon, leaving all sorrow and joy..
they were escaping soon, leaving the cloudy..
sky...towards the empty ocean, where..
nobody will force me to work, never..
i was having pain, going to work, ignoring rain..
i had to think again and again, so what...
am doing, will not regret, in search of that..
forcing me, but don't have an answer exact..
I left that day, holding her hand, and smile..
enjoyed the rain, and thanked for a while..
it was not tough to decide that,
but it is hard to face the fact..

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